A Word from Mr. Ruppenthal

A Word from Mr. Ruppenthal

It’s mid-year already??!

Didn’t it just seem like yesterday that you were purchasing back to school supplies and clothes? Yet the calendar says it’s the middle of January and the end of the 2nd quarter – we are officially halfway through the school year. Now is the perfect time to take stock as to how your child is performing academically and if adjustments need to be made to ensure their success. During the months of January two state and district assessments will be given that provide your child’s teacher with important information (data) as to your child’s progress.

DIBELS/Reading 3D 

DIBELS/Reading 3D assessments are administered to all children in grades kindergarten – 3rd grade in the fall, winter and spring. These tests are designed to specifically track students’ progress in reading and test all of the major components in reading including phonemic awareness, fluency and comprehension. Your child’s reading levels for their “just right” books are determined by this assessment. You should always be knowledgeable in all grades (including 4th and 5th) of your child’s reading level and whether or not they are growing as readers. Please make sure that your child is reading at least 30 minutes each night at their appropriate reading level and that they log their nightly reading. It is absolutely essential that you, the parent, sign the log each and every night. A quick glance at your child’s reading log can reveal a lot of information as to your child’s progress. If you are unsure of your child’s reading level please contact your child’s teacher.


The MAP assessment (Measures of Academic Progress) is given to all students in grades K-5 also in the fall, winter and spring. MAP is a nationally normed assessment and provides information as to how your child is progressing in reading and math as compared to students in the school, district and to the nation as a whole. Today your child came home with a MAP Student Progress Report that needs to be signed and returned to school. On the report you can see if your child made growth in reading and math between the September and December administrations of the test and if they are progressing towards their goals for the year. If your child is making minimal progress and/or is losing ground please contact your child’s teacher to discuss with them ways you can help your child and to hear specifically what will be done to address your child’s area(s) of weakness.

While it may look as though we are always testing, these assessments collectively take up a small amount of instructional time. The loss of time is certainly outweighed by the valuable information they provide to teachers to better help our students.