African American History Month Celebration

African American History Month Celebration

We have lots of exciting activities coming up to mark African American History Month during February. The theme for 2018: “African Americans In Times of War.”

  • Starting February 1st, every day kids are invited to appear as a guest on the Morning News Show to present a 2-minute researched and rehearsed segment on an African American History. Presentation can be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 2 minutes. Examples are: share a fact, recite a poem, read a biography or even do a skit with a buddy. Interested kids are to sign up with Ms. Callaghan at the Media Center starting January 29th, first come first serve.
  • Kids are encouraged to submit “African American Fact of the day” or a quote by an African American to be read during afternoon announcements.  Students are to turn in their submission at the front office where they submit the “joke of the day”.
  • Kids are invited to participate in the “African American History Challenge” by submitting a researched write up of an African American Icon. Instructions and guidelines will be coming through the Thursday folders in the next couple of weeks.  The children’s work will be displayed on a bulletin board.

questions? contact Bemnet Fantu-Downes, PTA VP of Advocacy at Bemnet.fantu@gmail.com