A Word from Mr. Ruppenthal

It’s been a busy new year! The long winter break and the snow days lulled our kids into a pattern of “vacation mode” that has been hard to shake. Now that the dust has settled we find ourselves in one of the busiest times of the year. Mid-year assessments are now complete and our teachers are working collaboratively to identify their students’ strengths and weak areas which require more attention. If you are concerned regarding your student’s progress please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to set up a conference. I encourage you to speak to your child’s teacher either via phone or in person rather than email particularly if you have several questions. In other news….

  • THANK YOU so much for the unbelievable support during our Boosterthon! Our kids gained valuable character lessons during the “Castle Quest Team Huddles” which blend seamlessly with our Character Traits and Personalized Learner Profiles. Our teachers are so excited about the interactive Samsung monitors – we can’t wait to order them! Thank you to all of the parents who attended last week’s Fun Run. I know our students were excited to see their own cheering sections!
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Kim Chaiken who was just elected by our staff as the 2017-2018 HES Teacher of the Year! We had such a great slate of candidates I know it must have very difficult for staff to narrow down their choice. Mrs. Chaiken is much deserving and such a great member of the HES family!
  • Also, congratulations to Mrs. Carla Eisenberg who was elected last month as the 2017-2018 Teacher Assistant of the Year!Again, another tough choice for the staff because we are so fortunate to have such an incredible group of teacher assistants. Mrs. Eisenberg works tirelessly on behalf of the students and staff at HES!
  • Did you get a chance to see the 4th grade musical? Mr. Salvatore pulled off another great one! Each year he picks a specific artist, band or genre of popular music and selects songs in which he composes arrangements on rhythm instruments. This year’s musical featured the “Music of Queen”.This wonderful yearly tradition is unique to HES. For me it was a trip down “nostalgia road” as students sang the big hits from my childhood!
  • Please remember to not drop your students off in the morning before 7:30 am until adults are present for supervision. Students who are dropped off early are being left alone in the dark and cold without adult supervision. If you are concerned with getting to work late then you need to consider utilizing the bus for transportation. Also, students cannot be dropped off in any other area other than the car driver circle. This too has become a problem that poses dangerous risks to our students.
  • Parents are welcome to eat lunch in the cafeteria with their children. However, please recognize that there may not be room for you to eat at the same table as your child’s class. Also, some classes have assigned seats for students. Please sit at one of the designated overflow tables instead or, if it is nice, consider eating outside in the courtyard. Parents are not allowed to have their child’s friends eat lunch at a separate location without specific, written permission from the friend’s parents.