A Word from Mr. Ruppenthal

Hopefully you remembered to “spring forward”  and set your clocks ahead one hour. The change in time brings welcome longer hours of daylight but it is initially difficult to adjust to. Please make every effort to have your child on time for school tomorrow morning. The change also means it will be darker in the morning during arrival. This is a good opportunity to reinforce some of our car rider procedures and rules. I ask that all parents please strictly abide by these rules and procedures for the safety of your children.

  • All car riders must use the car rider line. Do not attempt to drop your child off in any other location. This is extremely important. We have had instances of parents dropping off students in the lower parking lot. That is very dangerous. Repeated violations of this rule could result in a citation by the Huntersville PD.
  • Do not park and walk your student to the stairs in order to avoid the car rider line. If you are walking your child to class then you must accompany your child at least to the front door. Some parents mistakenly believe this practice is faster than remaining in the car line. It contributes to congestion and it is unsafe. I encourage you not to walk your child to class. Let your child be independent and walk themselves to class especially at this point in the school year.
  • Child refuses to get out of the car. If your child is refusing to get out of the car, due to separation anxiety or other reasons, you will be asked to park your car in the lower lot and walk your child to class. Our staff cannot be expected to physically extract children from cars.
  • Do not allow your child to exit from the driver’s side of the car. This is extremely unsafe and could result in a tragic accident.
  • Pull your car to the end of the line as directed by the car rider staff. Some parents are refusing to pull forward and expect to have their child dropped off as close to the front door as possible. Doing so creates a backup of the entire car rider line. Please be courteous to others.
  • Do not drop off your child before 7:30 am when staff are present. Children that are dropped off in this manner are unsupervised. This is even more important now that it will be darker in the morning.
  • Car riders who eat breakfast at school must arrive by 7:50 am.

Again, strict adherence to these rules is essential to the safety of our children. Please model responsibility and good citizenship – thank you!