A Word from Mr. Ruppenthal

A Word from Mr. Ruppenthal

Thank You!

We are so fortunate to have such a giving and caring school community. I want to personally thank all of our HES families for your generous contributions during the Making IT Happen campaign. Your generosity helps ensure that we equip are students and teachers with technology tools that will help our students develop to become 21st century learners! Also, thank you for all of the donations made during our drive to help assist JT Barber Elementary in New Bern. It was so gratifying when we loaded the truck and sent our PTA President, Courtney Fossett, down the road to deliver the much needed aid to our neighbors.

Please Help Us!

The Huntersville Police Department has asked for our assistance to help with afternoon car rider pick-up. Please note the following:

  1. The car rider line begins to form at 2:00 pm. There is absolutely no reason to wait in line for an hour before school dismisses. This is causing a huge back-up on to Sherwood Rd and neighbors are complaining. There is no benefit to being “first in line”. We have the car rider process down so that now. The entire process is only taking 14 minutes. Please do not arrive at school for afternoon pick-up no earlier than 2:55 pm.
  2. Do not pass cars lined up on Sherwood. This is an extremely unsafe action and could result in a police citation.
  3. Consider the bus for your child. Our buses are leaving the lot daily at 3:09 pm. Did you know that your child is much safer riding a school bus to and from school than in your car? This is research proven. Please consider placing your child on the bus, especially in the afternoon.

Thank you for assisting us with our efforts!